We are still very engaged (70%)  in the work force, averaging about 40 hours/week. 51% work full-time.

Among the 30% not currently employed, virtually all have worked for income since college - and most consider themselves retired.

About half the workers took time off to have children.

We are most likely to be educators and lawyers and about 3 in 10 are self-employed. Most of us are in the same field as five years ago and 2/3 of us have changed careers at some point.

Balancing work and personal life continues to be the major challenge, closely followed by providing financial support to grown children, and caring for ageing parents.

22% say, we're retired, but there is a hard core who want to continue working as long as possible.

Volunteerism runs high with 46% active volunteers working for 2.4 organizations an average of 63 days/year. 36% serve on boards.

Whether employed or volunteering, work is a means of self-fulfillment, an opportunity to give/teach and grow/learn as well as being just plain fun/enjoyable. 31% seek social change.

Professions in order of popularity are education, legal, financial, arts-related, medical, journalism, counseling, architecture, and fundraising.