Our Families and Our HomesJoss

Marital profile

68% are married and 6% are in committed relationships, while 16% are divorced or separated, and 9% never married. Our romantic path has not been easy: almost 45% of us have dealt with divorce or the breakup of a major relationship at some point in our lives. 66% have only married once, but an adventuresome 1 in 4 has done so multiple times. Most of us (77%) live with other people-either husbands or children, and 36% live with pets. Only 10% of us live completely alone.


78% are mothers or stepmothers (2 children, on average). Not all of us have an empty nest: 16% still live with children. 29% provide financial support to our grown children, and another 7% think they will do so in the future.

35% are grandmothers with an average of 4 grandchildren.


Death, unfortunately, has been very much a part of our lives: 5% are widows and 6% have lost a child. 4% currently confront the death of a spouse, partner or child, and 5% the death of a sibling or close friend.

One of the inevitable and very sad changes in the last decade is the loss of parents. 55% have lost both parents. Only 10% are lucky enough to have both parents, while 35% still have one parent.


We've live in our homes an average of 16 years, but we're on the move. 38% have moved in the recent past or plan to soon. 12% are down-sizing or empty nesters and 12% are moving to retirement settings.

48% own a second home